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Early-stage investments
Pre-seed, seed
Global investments
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Focus Areas

The fund is focused mainly on diagnostics, vaccines, genetic engineering, and enzymes development (70%+ of portfolio). Yet, we are open to projects in other branches of healthcare and biotechnological industry. Some examples of the certain fields of our interest are provided below.

Medical Biotechnology

Gene editing
Drug resistance
Inherited diseases
Other diseases
Vaccines development

Agricultural Biotechnology

Gene editing
Vaccines development
Diseases detection
Food allergens and pathogens, pesticides, herbicides, and antibiotics detection, etc.

Investment Strategy

The fund is investing in promising biotech teams. The terms of investments depend on the project and are usually a result of team and project examination and negotiations. The key elements of the fund's investment strategy: strategy
Funding rounds
Pre-seed, seed
Deal size
1 mln RUB – 10 mln RUB
Possible — the fund can organize club deals with its partners
Any country

Key investment criteria

Strong team with proven skills
Attractive segment of the industry in line with the fund's strategy
The project ideally has an ability to result in a set of products
Clear exit opportunities are an advantage


Teams can benefit from the fund's participation not only through investments. We are glad to provide "smart money" and can share the following opportunities (if applicable to a certain project):

R&D expertise and network effect

Access to prominent researchers in biotech, as well as to potential clients and other market players.

Lab and production facilities

Access to lab and production infrastructure of the fund (in case the fund invests into such facilities) and its partners.

Sales and access to global markets

Access to global sales infrastructure of the fund's partners and portfolio companies.
Later stage investments and exit
The fund will support the teams in later stage investments and exit opportunities through a wide network of partners.

Submit Project

If you are working on a biotech project or a range of projects that can be in line with our investment strategy, we will be glad to know more about you. Please use the form below to connect and present your projects.


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