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BioPark Ventures Supported New DNA Vaccine Against SARS-CoV-2 Development

The development of a new DNA vaccine that will provide a wider range of cellular immunity to coronavirus was announced.

To conduct preclinical trials of a new complex DNA vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the company, supported by BioPark Ventures, has prepared three experimental series. In contrast to the DNA vaccines being developed by other companies, the developed one contains sequences not only of the surface protein, but also of other proteins of the virus, and it can result in a more complete cellular response. In addition, the use of a DNA molecule as an immunogen will provide technological advantages in the production of the drug, as well as more favorable requirements for storage and transportation.

Preclinical trials will assess the harmlessness and specific activity of the drug - first of all, its ability to induce the formation of specific immunity. Сurrently, vaccines against coronavirus can be developed on the basis of different technological platforms. The active substance of vaccines can be proteins, virus particles, nucleic acids, and other viruses. According to one of the developers, Ph.D. Denis Viktorov, the company's specialists took into account all the features of the used technological platform and found a solution to the problems.

The DNA vaccines technology, according to Denis Viktorov, is well developed in the world. However, the development of such vaccines is complicated due to the ineffective delivery of genetic material into the cells of the body. But the company’s specialists have already found a solution to this problem by using biodegradable polymers, which are the company's know-how and which help to protect DNA and efficiently deliver the molecule into cells.

“DNA vaccines have great potential for scaling up production and do not require special temperature conditions during storage and transportation. Moreover, foreign studies of stable T-cell immunity confirm that effective immunogens can stimulate cytotoxic and helper responses against SARS-CoV-2, ” - Denis Viktorov emphasized.

The development was carried out with the assistance of BioPark Ventures fund.